advanced communications education

The objective of P4ACE is to increase the competence and capability factors of communication professionals in Europe and the wider world. P4ACE services and products are aimed at improving the cooperation between European communication practice communities and enhance transparency of the sector as well as the skills employed and required by practitioners through awareness in and availability of life long learning opportunities. The P4ACE vision is to improve the professionalism of practitioners across Europe as well as their ability to work across borders in a European and wider international community of communication practitioners. P4ACE is a development of the ECOPSI (European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation) Programme that was a European funded project which aims to map and evaluate the current and future communication management skills of practitioners across Europe.

Download the documents below to gain further insights into the study:
Communication Management Competencies for European Practitioners booklet, a summary of the 2013 ECOPSI.

Competencies and Role Requirements of Communication Professionals in Europe. Insights from quantitative and qualitative studies.