advanced communications education

Communication: Competencies Assessment Tool (COM-CAT)
P4ACE have developed a self-diagnostic tool that allows you to evaluate your current knowledge, competencies, skills and personal attributes with those of your peers in Europe. The tool provides you with an attractive, visual competency inventory and a report that allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses. The P4ACE tool builds on the findings of the Communication Role Matrix (developed by the P4ACE Advisory Academic Board) that captures what it is that communications practitioners actually do and the requirements that are necessary to perform in the role. £50 annual subscription More Subscribe

CREATE: Assessing your Entrepreneurial Skills
This self-assessment tool is an important element in the development of entrepreneurial education as it will determine the existing skill level of budding and existing entrepreneurs – which will assist policy makers and training institutions develop appropriate courses to meet the “competency deficits” identified by individuals. £35 annual subscription More Subscribe

Undertake Academic Communication Research Projects for the Corporate and Public Sectors
The P4ACE Academic Advisory Board can call on high level international experience advising profit and not for profit organisations on their communication needs.

Using the tools and techniques of P4ACE as well as other communications and management and leadership research instruments, we are able to give strategic insight and input into communication problems based on empirical findings.

Research projects are founded on scientific principles to test understanding of the specific organisational context but will also be aligned with experience and understanding from other organisational settings so the most up to date advice and solutions are provided. All research projects are developed around the needs of the organisation with proposals built around dialogue and empirical data collection using traditional and contemporary research tools and methodological techniques.

Any Research Assignments will be managed by the P4ACE Advisory Academic Board.

Undertake Corporate and Public Sector Communication Consultancy Projects
As society changes the demands on organisations to be better communicators increases. For all types of organisation our suppliers, clients, customers, shareholders and employees expect excellence when it comes to interaction and communication with the organisation, irrespective of whether it is operating in the profit or not for profit arena.

These demands are the same for corporates as well as SMEs or owner managed companies. Exemplary communication is also expected from public sector and not for profit organisations whether in government, health, campaign or charity sectors.

Again using the advisory board’s high level, international experience P4ACE is able to support organisations in supporting and guiding their communication solutions through research-driven, empirically supported solutions. Let us know what your communication dilemmas or issues are and will discuss options of what to do and where to go to resolve.

Any Consultancy Assignments will include Members of the P4ACE Advisory Academic Board.