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Communication: Competencies Assessment Tool (COM-CAT)

P4ACE have developed a self-diagnostic tool that allows you to evaluate your current knowledge, competencies, skills and personal attributes with those of your peers in Europe. The tool provides you with an attractive, visual competency inventory and a report that allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses. The P4ACE tool builds on the findings of the Communication Role Matrix (developed by the P4ACE Advisory Academic Board) that captures what it is that communications practitioners actually do and the requirements that are necessary to perform in the role. Communication: Competencies Assessment Tool (COM-CAT) is a unique self-diagnostic tool, that allows you to evaluate your competencies as a communication professional and compare them with those of your colleagues and peers across Europe. By completing this 15 minute assessment, you will get feedback on your capabilities and you will receive an individualized report that explains your strengths and identifies your training needs. The assessment is one way to support you on your journey of continued professional development. For this reason, it’s important to be honest when completing the assessment to ensure your results are a true reflection of your abilities. How does it Work? Take the following four steps to receive an assessment of your professional expertise. It takes 15 minutes to complete and helps you to identify your personal development needs. Your results will be shown at the end of the self-assessment which you are able to print out.

£50 annual subscription