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Training Providers

Subscribers that have taken the Communication: Competencies Assessment Tool (COM-CAT) and find they have a competency deficit need to identify which skills are the most important to them. Once you have identified your priorities choose the Training Provider that best meets your needs and contact them directly.

Competency is a good thing. It means you can do it. Think of sports, playing an instrument or being able to fly, if you are competent then you will pass the general view that you can handle the task, issue or challenge in front of you. So what does competency mean when we talk about our work? Is it simply a case of once learnt we never forget and don’t need to work to maintain and develop the competence?

Our empirical study has highlighted that there are significant gaps in the shared knowledge and understanding of the issues when it comes to our own professional or work related capabilities, particularly in communications. There is also a need for you to continually develop your competencies to stay relevant in a changing global workplace.

We have collected information on organizations that provide short-term communication workshops in select regions within Europe.

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