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Organization Type Description Subject Areas Language
Educational Institution burcom Institut für Kommunikation specialises in the professional training of leaders.
  • 3 Days Intensive training PR (mit AKOMM Certificate)
  • CSR
  • Text
  • Rhetorics
Deutsche Presseakademie
Educational Institution Deutsche Presseakademie offers an extensive number of PR related seminars aiming to increase the professionalization of the PR profession and communication. Correspondence courses, Compact study programme, Evening classes German
Educational Institution Deutsche Akademie für Public Relations (DAPR) turns starters in their professions  into communication experts for the last 16 years. DAPR Basic TrainingIntensive trainings with changing topics German
Educational Institution Deutsche Institut für Public Relations (DIPR) was founded in 1971 by the members of the professional association DPRG (Deutsche Public Relations-Gesellschaft) as a non-profit organisation Basic Public Relations seminarsSeminars on Social Media Strategies German
Educational Institution Academy for Marketing Communication based in Düsseldorf. Seminars offered in the academy German
Educational Institution Initiative Kommunikation Heidelberg unites the offer  from our institutes PR PLUS and PR-Seminars, Social Media, Copywriting, Media, Feedback Analysis German
com-plus (Münster)
Educational Institution Com-plus is one of the leading training companies for communication based in Münster/Westfalia. The company specialises in efficient extra-professional training and qualification of communication experts. PR-Seminars & Social Media German
School for Communication and Management Educational Institution The media workshops offer professional education for communication experts, PR-professionals and communicators of all branches: Our speakers are experts from economy and the media. The seminars are in: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munuch and Cologne. Programme with 20 different topics German
Media Workshop
Educational Institution Seminars with changing topics: Crisis-PR, press releases, Online-Videos, Copywriting, Press work etc. German
Haufe Akademie
Educational Institution As a leading school, Haufe Akademie has a big reputation in the German-speaking area. For over 30 years we have made it our goal to support people and companies with our work.
  • PR Seminars
  • Copywriting
  • Media Training
Management Circle AG Educational Institution The school is one of the leading schools  of its kind. Corporate Communication, Brand communication, Social-Media, camera training, Internal Communication German
Berliner Journalisten Schule 
Educational Institution Berliner Journalisten-Schule (BJS) is one the most important professional institutions for the media branch in Germany. It was founded in 1986 in cooperation with the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich.
  • Rhetoric Seminars
  • TV-Training for Communicators
  • Editorial writing
  • Crisis Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Video journalism etc.
Initiative Kommunikation Heidelberg 
Independent Provider The training institutions and PR PLUS (founded 1990) put together their offerings under the umbrella brand “Communication Initiative Heidelberg”. They offer training and education as well as mediation, coaching and consulting.
  • Part-time master’s courses
  • PR consultant training
  • Workshops on special topics (e.g. Social Media, writing, International PR, HRM)
  • Coaching, consulting, mediation
  • Assistance in finding business partners, PR agencies, trainees, jobs etc.
  • etc.
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Deutsches Institut für Public Relations (DIPR) 
Professional Association The German Institute for Public Relations (DIPR) was founded in 1971 by members of the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) as a non-profit company. The goal was to professionalize the public relations profession.
  • Basic PR training
  • Training for PR consultants
  • Workshops on special topics
  • etc.
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Leipzig School of Media 
Independent Provider / Education Institution The Leipzig School of Media is a subsidiary of the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and the University of Technology, Economy and Culture in Leipzig.
  • Management & Law
  • Journalism & PR
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Design & IT
  • Crossmedia Management & Publishing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Corporate Media
  • Content & Media Engineering
  • etc.
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Georg von Holtzbrinck-Schule 
Independent Provider The Georg von Holtzbrinck-Schule was founded in 1988 and offers training for aspiring journalists and PR-professionals.
  • (Speech) Writing
  • Media relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Communication controlling
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